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What our clients say about Dinka Massage!

Dinka provides a powerful blend of therapeutic massage with subtle intuitive awareness. Dinka identifies her client’s areas most needing work and provides profound breakthroughs in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of her client’s lives. I should know, I am one of her clients and refer to her on a regular basis my own clients with confidence and certainty. Beginning care with Dinka is like opening the door to deep and meaningful healing.

Dr Marcus Chacos

Chiropractor, Provolution Health

Dinka is nothing short of a miracle worker! She has made such a positive impact on my life, my health, and my well-being. I sleep better and have more energy and improved skin tone since I started getting treatments at Dinka Massage. Dinka's work is truly restorative and, I believe, helps your body to function at a higher level so it can heal itself. I leave sessions feeling like a new person. 

I believe that Dinka is truly gifted, and this line of work is her calling. In fact, I got so much out of the treatments that my husband decided to start seeing her too!

J. Kurian


My muscles were tense and my anxiety and stress was high. I needed a massage and a friend/colleague insisted I come and see Dinka who not only delivers massage but is an energy worker.


I had never heard of energy work before and was interested. My friend/colleague had no words to explain how amazing she was-I just had to see for myself. I knew deep down this is what I needed. I have spent so much of my life caring and giving to others without allowing time for myself to re-centre and do what I truly enjoy and love- I was drained and confused with many things.


As soon as I met Dinka I knew I was in great care. Her intuition, ability and knowledge to heal a soul is phenominal.  She could feel the pain I was holding onto in my body. Dinka picked up on things I thought I had dealt with but were suppressed including emotions, problems and worries without me even telling her about them. I still wonder how she knew so much when I gave so little because I had nothing left to give.


After my energy work and massage I felt a true sense of relaxation and reassurance that I had not felt in many years. I remember leaving and walking outside and it was a truly uplifting, magical experience where everything was so clear and sharp. I had more understanding and could see everything with the greatest clarity. I saw through things and the intentions of some people. I will never look back as she has been so helpful for me.


I am now on a healing journey for myself and continue to see Dinka when needed to guide, heal and centre my energy. You can feel when you need it and you are beginning to become unbalanced. Sometimes it creeps up on you and other times its completely unexpected.

Jessica Cooper


Dinka has been my go to appointment for the last 7 years. Weather I'm feeling sore, need to relax, have specific muscular problems or  need some energy healing she can fix it. Writing a testimonial  for her is extremely difficult because the level of service she provides is inexplainable. She has the ability to massage  sore and tight muscles,  gives THE BEST head massages I have ever had and waves her warm healing hands over me to unblock emotional hurts that are causing my muscles to seize up. 


Dinka's unique massage technique has me baffled. I arrive feeling sore and emotionally drained and leave feeling like a weight has literally been lifted off my shoulders. She has minimised my anxiety and taught me breathing teachniques to help me when I'm not with her. She has helped soothe the extreme pain that is accompanied with endometriosis. 


Dinka not only gives a great service but she values the little things too. When I arrive for my cold winter afternoon massage she has two heat blankets on the bed ready for me to lay between, she always has crystals and a new found oil to try on me. Dinka's passion for her profession  underpins all her services and I couldn't recommend her more highly.

Toni Pallamountagne


Dinka is an amazing massage therapist but for me most of all an amazing healer! Her intuition in just knowing what is needed for healing is incredible. With the combination of massage and energy healing, you leave feeling amazing. I would highly recommend Dinka to everybody.


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